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Foster Products

ZSi Products



Cushioned Clamping Systems
(for Vibration Resistance, Shock Absorption, Isolation of Dissimilar Metals)

Surface Mount Strut Mount
Loop / Hose / Cable Clamps

Cush-A-Block Rooftop Supports


Z-Strut Channel

Beta Clamp Products

(For Support of High Pressure Hydraulic Pipe, Tube, or Hose)

Beta Clamp Overview

Beta Standard

Beta Heavy

Beta Twin

Beta "Smoothie"

Beta "Smoothie" Twin

Beta Rubber Inserts

Beta Adapter

Z-Clamp Products

(For In-line Clamping of High Pressure Hydraulic Pipe, Tube, or Hose)

Z-Clamp Unit

Z-Clamp Hardware

Z-Clamp Adapters

Rubber Bushing

Gamma Anti-Vibration Pads

(For Vibration Dampening of Power Units or Compressors)

Quick Disconnects

(For Pneumatic & Hydraulic Connections)